"My clients mean the world to me. Thank you for trusting me to be apart of your journey." - Bri 

“ One thing I love about Bri, is she's going to find a solution no matter what it takes.

I let Bri know about some issues I was having at work with my manager. I shared with her my frustrations about a unhealthy work environment and my overall experience with the company. Bri wasted no time on writing up a grievance letter for me. She captured every feeling, she did not disappoint. It felt amazing to have someone like Bri in my corner. Soon after turning in the letter things changed for the better. It felt really good to see results. Thank you Bri for all that you do! I definitely plan on returning for future services.”

Britany M., Business Professional

Arizona, Grievance letter

“Corresponding With Bri has helped me tremendously with my success as an individual as well as my career. I’ve been getting help and guidance from Bri long before she launched her business. Brionna’s advice is beyond helpful and authentic.

I can say with confidence that I am becoming my best self and I owe it to Corresponding With Bri! Let Bri help you succeed!!!”

Miracle M. , Food Vlogger

Oklahoma, Consultation(2hrs)

“ Bri, thank you so much for meeting with me! You put me at ease and confirmed so many of the things I’ve thought of but were a bit afraid to do! Having the outline a click away, will always bring me back to why I’ve chosen this path! Thank you for the resources and allowing me to be transparent with you! I can’t wait to meet again and see what’s to come in the future for us both!”

Qi Goode. Owner of The Goode Bar Esthetician Salon

Arkansas, Consultation (2hrs)

I am blown away by Bri's kindness and expertise.

I made a post about losing my dream career on LinkedIn, and spiraling so far out of a highly productive mode that I found myself at a food bank so I wouldn't default on any of my payments.

Bri with a true act of compassion reached out, rewrote my resume (no small task as I have 25 years history in sales with a tendency to switch companies 1x a year), and coached me on next steps in my career AT NO COST.

I can't tell you how many people reached out to me seeing my weakness as a chance for them to help me and turn a profit at the same time.

Bri saw my weakness and decided instead of making a profit she would help me, getting nothing in return, because she truly cares about people.

I even asked 3x to pay and she refused each time.

In a capitalist society where people get marketing degrees to learn how to manipulate people at an expert level to give up their money, Bri breaks the mold and truly cares about people and wants to make a difference.

For that reason, I want to see her strive, exceed all her goals, and have a level of wealth that few people obtain, because her underlying motive to be successful AND help people is pure, not manipulative. For that she deserves all the success in the world.

We need more business owners and people in general like Bri in the world.  

Daniel H. Sales Executive

Oklahoma, A La Carte Resume Revamp

Bri truly is one of a kind and a true professional when it comes to her work. She intently listens to what you’re wanting and does just that. Bri built an excellent resume for me, which ultimately gave me the confidence I needed in my job search to know I will land a great career. I highly recommend her! 

Sydnee R. Administrative Professional

Oklahoma, A La Carte Resume Revamp

“ I want to give a shoutout to Brionna for taking time out to listen to my vision and giving me amazing feedback that will allow me to better my business and succeed. A lot of times you don’t run into genuine people that actually want to see you win so I appreciate you and your company for your help. You guys definitely have to book with her.”

Mashay D. Budding Entrepreneur

Kansas, Consultation (2hrs)

Bri's WHY

People often wonder why I chose this path, what prompted me to embark on this journey. The answer is quite simple: I wanted to fill the void that so many face—the need for someone who genuinely listens and supports them. Countless individuals, near and far, find themselves trapped in unfulfilling jobs, draining careers, or feeling lost because they lack guidance, motivation, and a sense of being heard. Many struggle to even step foot into the workforce, especially when entry-level positions demand years of experience. I've walked in those shoes, experienced those struggles, and emerged victorious. My community, my loved ones, and YOU are my driving force. So, when you Correspond With Bri, rest assured that you're connecting with someone who truly empathizes, cares deeply, and is eager to assist you in reaching your goals.