Career Coaching

Resume Packages and Interview Prep

Resume' Critique | $50

Resume' Revamp | $80

Grassroots Package (entry level) | $145

Moving On Up Package (recommended) | $200

Penthouse Package (senior level) | $320

Interview Prep (2hrs) | $90

Dress for Success (2hrs) | $90

Grievance | $50

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye | $50

Training Courses (Temporarily Unavailable)

Corresponding With Bri offers management courses for businesses and individuals looking for extensive training. Classes are appointment only and must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.

Entry Level- 100.00 per person (4hrs ) 

Mid-Level- 150.00 per person (5hrs) 

Senior Level- 200.00 per person (8hrs) 

Cover Letters

Crafted to elevate your application game, our expertly tailored cover letters capture your unique strengths and ambitions, resonating with employers and setting you apart in competitive job markets. Let us help you make that crucial first impression count.  

Cover Letter-15.00

Federal Resumes 

Federal resumes, requiring specialized attention and intricate detail, are priced between $250 and $500 on our platform. Due to the unique complexities of federal resume crafting, we currently do not offer predefined packages for these services. However, we are committed to providing personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Upon completion of an intake form, we will provide you with a customized quote that reflects the scope and requirements of your federal resume project. Trust us to deliver exceptional federal resume services that elevate your job prospects in the federal sector.

DIY Career Bundles

Our DIY bundles offer a budget-friendly option for individuals who prefer crafting their own resume and cover letter. Each bundle includes a guide sheet, and every bundle is uniquely tailored to the purchaser's needs, ensuring a personalized experience   

Bundle 1: Ideal for Entry-Level Positions and High School Roles - $25.00

- 1 Resume Template

- 1 Cover Letter Template

- Comprehensive Guide Sheet

Bundle 2: Ideal for Entry-Level Supervisory Positions - $75.00

- 2 Resume Templates

- 2 Cover Letter Templates

- Detailed Guide Sheets

Bundle 3: Ideal for Mid-Level Management and Freelancers - $110.00

- 4 Resume Templates

- 4 Cover Letter Templates

- Extensive Guide Sheet

- 30-Minute Virtual Consultation

Bundle 4: Tailored for Senior Management, Executives, and Business Owners - $130.00

- 5 Resume Templates

- 5 Cover Letter Templates

- In-depth Guide Sheet

- 30-Minute Virtual Consultation