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Welcome to Correspondence Clerical , where we excel in correspondence clerical and printing services. From logistics to bulk printing, we streamline your administrative tasks with precision and professionalism. Let's enhance your workflow ! 

Elite Impressions Business Card Design 

Enhance your professional identity with our Elite Impressions Business Card Design service. At Corresponding With Bri, we understand the significance of a well-designed business card in making a lasting impression on potential clients and contacts. Our experienced designers specialize in creating custom business card designs that reflect your unique style and brand personality. 

 Basic Design Package: 80.00

   - Clean and minimalist business card design

   - Limited to one or two design concepts

   - One or two rounds of revisions included

 Standard Design Package: 100.00

   - Professional and polished business card design

   - Up to three design concepts to choose from

   - Three rounds of revisions included for fine-tuning

Premium Design Package: 125.00

   - High-end and sophisticated business card design.

   - Up to five design concepts provided.

   - Three design revisions for perfection.

Exclusive Design Package: 200.00

   - Exclusive and bespoke business card design.

   - Comprehensive consultation and personalized design concepts.

   - Unlimited design revisions until complete satisfaction.

Custom Design Package:300.00

   - Fully customized business card design tailored to individual preferences.

   - Collaborative design process with personalized attention to detail.

   - Incorporation of unique elements and special requests.

   - Ongoing support and additional design services available upon request up to 14 days 

At present, this service is solely designed for digital use. Should clients desire printed copies, an additional fee ranging from $20 to $60, contingent upon paper quality and quantity of cards, will be applicable.